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We have been proudly partnered with Jocky Sanderson since 2012 in delivering the higestest quality SIV and XC courses available in Australia.  


Together we have taught over 500 Australian pilots the skills required to control and recover their wings in all flight configurations, improving their performance and overall safety and enjoyment of the sport.

About Jocky:

Jocky has been teaching paragliding and SIV for more than 20 years and competed internationally from 1989 to 1999.


Captaining the British team, his highest ranking was 3rd in the world in 1995. He has been invloved in every aspect of paragliding, from test pilot to UK and Australian XC Team coach.

pilot requirements


  • Pilots must be licensed SAFA members with tow endorsement rating

  • Pilots must read and complete the SkyOut safety brief with all criteria met

equipment requirements
  • well-maintained & certified Paraglider, Harness & parachute

  • Paragliding helmet

  • Protective eye wear (clear goggle type or sun glasses)

  • tow release bridal

  • UHF radio w/ headset or speaker-mic (Water-Proof Pouch provided) - HGFA Channels

  • A hook knife is recommended when towing

  • Please Note - A Life Vest will be provided and must be worn during S.I.V. training

2024 Courses available


 SIV 1            Dates TBC                                     SIV 2            Dates TBC                                     SIV 3            Dates TBC                          
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