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tow clinics

Sky Out Tow Endorsement Clinics's are held every 3 months and generally run over 2 days.   We have the exclusive use of 2 airstrips in NSW, allowing us to choose the best site for the weather conditions.
Your training starts with a safety briefing and theory lesson which covers all aspects of towing, boat and vehicle based.   You will then move out to the airstrip and begin your paraglider tow training (minimum of 10 tows of varied height including simulated emergencies)
Our Tow Endorsement Clinics are taught using both Pay-In and Pay-Out winching, resulting in our pilots gaining experience in both towing techniques.
pilot requirements


  • Pilots must be licensed SAFA members

  • Pilots must read and complete the SkyOut safety brief with all criteria met

equipment requirements
  • well-maintained & certified Paraglider, Harness & parachute

  • Paragliding helmet

  • Protective eye wear (clear goggle type or sun glasses)

  • tow release bridal (Check out our shop)

  • UHF radio w/ headset or speaker-mic - HGFA Channels

  • A hook knife is recommended when towing

per course + airstrip fees




includes accommodation / camping + use of clubhouse facilities (showers / kitchen / etc)

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