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Sky Out Paragliding started in late 2011, with a focus on developing continued pilot training and education in Australia.   Through Our pilot rating and endorsments,  SIV and acro, and guided XC Safaris, our aim is to help you fly higher,further & safer.

  We are partnered with World renowned paraglider expert Jocky Sanderson to offer the best SIV training in the Southern Hemisphere

. We are proud to be the  Australian dealers for 777 Paragliders, SUP AIR, and Flugsau accessories.

Our passion is flying, whether it be cross country, SIV, freestyle/acro or just floating around a coastal site.

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our team

Roger Stanford
Owner / Chief Flight
Flying Since 2008

I was hooked on Paragliding ever since I first saw one during a climbing trip in the European Alps. Flying since 2008, I have flown wherever and whenever I can and have loved every second of it, from the flying sites of NSW to cross country flying through 4000m mountains. 


I started instructing in Australia to fill the void of continued education for pilots once they left flight school.  

I am passionate about teaching and improving the skills of Australian pilots, whether it be SIV, XC, Acro, Speed Flying or hike and fly.

julian selfie.JPG
Julian Belmonte
Winch Tech, Driver, XC Guide,  
Flying Since 2014

An adventurer at heart, Julian has lived and traveled all over the world.   He has a long history with adventure sports, ranging from Horse riding, deep water diving, bicycle racing, skydiving & wingsuit base jumping.

Obsessed with Paragliding, he now flies all disciplines of the sport - XC, acro, speedflying and tandems


James profile.jpg
James Mills
Tandem Pilot, Winch Tech, Driver,  
Flying Since 2011

James is another team member hailing from the Military.   After serving in elite infantry units, James

has had a lifetime of adventure sports & experience.   Free diving and Paragliding are his current pursuits, he is also a professional photographer who's work has featured in worldwide publications.

James is our head Tandem Flight Experience Instructor, as well as winch tech and driver.   

Justin Elliott
XC Guide/ Acro-SIV Instructor/ Tandem Pilot
Flying Since 2002

Hailing from the USA, Justin is an expert pilot in XC, Acro and Competition paragliding.  


He has 1000's of hours flying all over the world, and still loves the sport as much now as when he first started.  

One of the most humble pilots you will ever meet, he strives on developing the skills of new and intermediate pilots.


He has been apart of the Sky Out Team since coming to Australia in 2012 and is our lead XC guide.

Jocky Sanderson
Expert SIV Training Specialist

Jocky Sanderson is one of the world's most celebrated advanced instructors on Paraglider Safety and Cross Country Flying


Jocky competed internationally ranking 3rd in the world


Widly regarded as the SIV Guru, he has been teaching paragliding & SIV for more than 20 years. He is also the senior assessor and member of the Flight Safety Committee of the BHPA.

Mike Bass
XC Guide/ Acro - SIV Instructor/ Tandem Pilot    
Flying Since 2009

Mike brings with him an incredible wealth of knowledge and skill in all areas of Paragliding.  


He has competed at the highest level of competition flying, 1st Australian to perform the ESFERA acro maneuver in 2011, skydiver, base jumper, wing suiter, kite surfer and now helicopter pilot.  


Mike has a passion for aviation and to share the knowledge with others.

Phil Selfie.jpg
Phil Kirkman
Launch Marshall/ Advanced First Aider/ Photgrapher    
Flying Since 1997

"The Colonel", after spending his working life serving in the Australian Army, Phil is an important addition to the team.   Always calm and always helpful, his watchful presence is reassuring to the nervous pilot about to undertake a new experience/skill.   


Flying since the birth of the sport in Australia, he still enjoys the sport as much today as his first flight.   

Larry profiel.jpg
Larry Davis
Flight Instructor/ Launch Marshall/ Tandem Pilot/ weather Guru    
Flying Since 2009

Larry is a true Gentleman of the sport, who always makes time to help out pilots looking to improve their knowledege on all aspects of paragliding   

He has a long mountain/alpine background and brings with him that love of the outdoors and adventure to our courses.   

Whether on the launch site of Stanwell Park, or out in the flatlands, he always has a smile and good advice...

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