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Tow XC Safari, XC paragliding, Flatland XC

Sky Out Paragliding has been running XC Tow Safaris in the NSW LiverPool Plains since 2013.

This course is more designed for novice to intermediate XC Pilots, however even advanced comp pilots will leave the Safari learning something new and having great PB's with friends and guides.  


The course includes daily weather and XC briefings from the Sky Out Team,XC guides (1guide-3pilot ratio), XC retrieve service, debriefs on flight decision making as well as lectures on XC performance and psychology, making the best of the day and equipment selection and maintenance.


Every Safari we have run has seen 80% of pilots fly new PB's.  

Come join the team and share the adventure.

pilot requirements


  • Pilots must be licensed HGFA members with tow endorsement rating

  • Pilots must have private ambulance / emergancy rescue cover

  • Pilots must read and complete the SkyOut safety brief with all criteria met

equipment requirements
  • well-maintained & certified Paraglider, Harness & parachute

  • Paragliding helmet

  • Protective eye wear (clear goggle type or sun glasses)

  • tow release bridal

  • UHF radio w/ headset or speaker-mic - HGFA Channels

  • A hook knife is recommended when towing

  • GPS tracking system on their person (e.g SPOT)

  • Mobile Phone with GPS to SMS App

per pilot / per day (2 Day minimum)




includes up to 5 tows/day - Retrieves extra price

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