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To keep our prices low, we don't operate an online store, instead we prefer to pass savings onto you using a direct sales method.
These products are brought to Australia exclusively by SkyOut Paragliding

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Paragliding wings exclude delivery charges, for a delivery quote, please contact us

Skyout Courses, Flights, etc

From $250
From $250

 Flugsau Mounts & Accessories

Flusau is the leading, innovative, paragliding accessory design company based in Switzerland.

Supplying bags, mounts, harnesses and more, they are constantly updating and designing new equipment.  

For full list of Flugsau products, visit them at their website

 SUP'AIR  Harnesses, Reserve Parachutes & Wings


Based in the French Flying Mecca of Annecy, SUP’AIR have been the leading Paraglider Harness Manufacturer since 1982.   Sky Out paragliding sells the full range of Sup Air Harnesses, paragliders and reserve parachutes.

To see the full list of SUP'AIR products, visit their website here

Syride Instruments


SYRIDE is a French company that designs and produces innovative flying instruments.

Triple Seven Gliders

777 gliders.png

The Valic brothers are the founders, designers and test pilots behind this innovative brand. Be it your first soaring, hike and fly, low save back to cloud base, new XC route, personal best distance or winning a world cup competition. The list is just endless! We believe that every pilot knows this feeling, when you land and you are just amazed by, what you have seen or been trough. This was always our inspiration and drive. This is what we wish to Triple Seven pilots to experience. Follow the link to their website here

Still Haven't found what you're looking for?

Just to remind you that we can deliver anything from 777 Gliders, Flugsau Products or Sup'Air Harnesses & Gliders ... just tell us the item description here and we'll come back to you with a delivery's as easy as that!

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