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Sydney paragliding License Course

learn to fly courses

Sky Out Paragliding's 9 day license courses teach all aspects of flying a paraglider.


By course completion, students will have a thorough understanding and ability to launch and land a paraglider in all types of environment, maintain and gain altitude via ridge soaring and thermalling techniques, understand the weather and assess the changing conditions, and be able to identify risks, ensuring all forms of paraglider safety.

Courses are run on a 1 on 1 or small group basis (2 pilots), allowing maximum flight hours and attention from our instructors.

Flight training will be conducted on Sydney's Northern Beaches, as well as in the Hunter Valley and surrounds for winch flights and thermal training.

pilot requirements


  • Student Pilots must be over 16 years old

  • Student Pilots must be able-bodied and have a basic-moderate level of fitness

course includes


  • 9 Days Flight Training

  • All flight Equipment

  • Pilot workbooks, theory and Educational material

  • Winch Towing

  • $300 gift voucher towards your new flight equipment

  • Loyalty discounts on continued pilot flight courses


per person



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