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Sydney Paragliding, SIV Paragliding, Acro Paragliding, Boat Towing


(simulation d'incident en vol)

Flying over  beautiful Lake St Clair in the Hunter Valley, you will learn all aspects of controlling your wing, from pitch control to Collapses and Stall recovery.


SIV training develops flying skills and builds confidence in yourself and your wing, enabling you to maximise your performance and make the most of your airtime.

The course is suitable for any novice to advanced licensed pilot who wants to develop their skills and explore their wings performance.

These courses are run over a weekend, with a maximum of 5 pilots/course.   The Small course design ensures maximum attention from 2 SIV/Acro instructors.


Included in the cost are 5 boat tow flights (complimentary 6th flight if conditions allow) above the lake of an average height of 800m AGL, life jackets, radio collars, extensive briefing and debriefing on all maneuvers, with the aid of video and SIV Simulator.    


Maneuvers conducted at our SIV Clinic may include the following:

Big Ears, B line stall, Big Big ears, asymmetric deflation's (from trim, accelerated and dynamic), symmetric deflation's (from trim, accelerated and dynamic), Search for spin, Search for flat spin, Search for stall, Stalls and variations of (slow entry, trim entry, spin entry, acro stall), spiral dives and variations of, turn reversals, wing overs, Acro (Sats, loops etc)

pilot requirements


  • Pilots must be licensed SAFA members with tow endorsement rating

  • Pilots must read and complete the SkyOut safety brief with all criteria met

equipment requirements
  • well-maintained & certified Paraglider, Harness & parachute

  • Paragliding helmet

  • Protective eye wear (clear goggle type or sun glasses)

  • tow release bridal

  • UHF radio w/ headset or speaker-mic (Water-Proof Pouch provided) - HGFA Channels

  • A hook knife is recommended when towing

  • Please Note - A Life Vest will be provided and must be worn during S.I.V. training

$1050 p/p


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