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Sora 2 Plus Tandem (EN-B)

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    The SORA 2 Plus is a light, efficient and “easy-to-fly” glider and has a new look that is a little more airy and dynamic, with the addition of a colored band on the lower surface leading edge, as well as 3 new colors.

    Aimed at facilitating the daily efforts of professionals, it is also the ideal companion for casual tandem flights.

    The tabs are made with a new braid. This was designed specifically for Supair by a French company, following a strict aeronautical protocol, according to Supair’s specifications, allowing breaking values beyond anything else on the market to be achieved. All batches of braid are tested for breakage at the end of production with a minimum resistance requirement of 150 kg.

    This tab is unique on the market and is intended to be the strongest there is. It can be identified by its color, white with a red border.

    A reinforcement has been added to the load-bearing profiles on approximately 2/3 of the glider starting from the center. This reinforcement is a strip positioned exactly in the axis of the line, starting from the upper surface to the attachment tab (on A, B and C).

    The carefully placed NITINOL profile reinforcements guarantee the glider’s hold and inflation behavior throughout the life of the product.

    Sizes : 38 m² / 42 m²

    Colours : Volcano / Sunset / Ocean

    Weight : 7,4kg ( size 38 ) / 7,8kg ( size 42 )

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