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Boat Towing, Acro course, SIV course, Paragliding SkyOut

ACRO & Advanced SIV

Acro Course

The most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!!


This Course is designed for acro pilots wanting to progress and for pilots who have completed at least 1 SIV course and want to begin their Freestyle &acro flying.The course consists of 5 boat tow flights – up to 1000m AGL, Manoeuvre Briefings and flight debriefs, HD external video of your flights and all water safety equipment.


 Advanced SIV

For pilots wanting to progress and master what was learned during a regular SIV.   Flights can be solo - or under radio instruction.   Advanced skills include - Spins and twists, Stall variations (from spin, fast/acro stall), Spiral variations and collapses/autorotation... Course consists of 5 high tows...


pilot requirements


  • Pilots must be licensed SAFA members with tow endorsement rating

  • Pilots must have completed an SIV course within the last 3 years.                 

       (proof of SIV atttendance must be shown)

  • Pilots must read and complete the SkyOut safety brief with all criteria met

equipment requirements
  • well-maintained & certified Paraglider, Harness & parachute

  • Paragliding helmet

  • Protective eye wear (clear goggle type or sun glasses)

  • tow release bridal

  • UHF radio w/ headset or speaker-mic - HGFA Channels




includes 6 tows,

Accommodation available in town or camp at the lake (on site facilities available) 

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