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Rook 3 (EN-B)

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    We’re often told that “it isn’t the wing, it’s the pilot”. And while it is true that no wing will make a bad pilot great, it’s also true that an extraordinary wing WILL seriously improve your flying! The Rook 3 (EN B) is that wing; a paraglider to make the very most of YOUR skills.

    New look!
    The look is made to support the Triple Seven philosophy: Performance and safety optimisation above all. The new design uses the smallest number of seams possible. Just about every stitch in the canopy is there for performance purposes; only the contrast-coloured panels create this beautiful, racy look.
    With the reduced number of seams we ended up with canopy with significantly reduced pressure leakage. Put simply, the canopy is pressurised to the maximum at every angle of attack.

    Category : EN-B

    Sizes Available : S / M / L

    Colours Available : Green /  Blue / Red / Yellow

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