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To keep our prices low, we don't operate an online store, instead we prefer to pass savings onto you using a direct sales method.
These products are brought to Australia exclusively by SkyOut Paragliding

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Skyout Courses, Flights, etc

Tandem Flights

from $250

The ideal way to sample this amazing sport and enjoy the experience of flying.


Flights set off from the scenic cliffs of Sydney's beautiful northern beaches. We fly from several locations to suit most wind directions.


All equipment provided, just bring your sense of adventure!

Europe XC Tours


Experience the ultimate high Alpine adventure with our 10 day paragliding tours.

Packages include Flights, Accomodation, Transfers, XC pickup, Breakfast and lunch.

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Pilot Courses


Whether you're just starting out, honing your skills or brushing up before your licence exam, we have programs to suit all experience levels

Tandem Flight Gift Vouchers

from $250

Treat someone to an unforgettable experience and buy them a voucher so they can soar above Sydneys beautiful northern beaches. Why not upgrade to a premium package and share the experience with loved ones and receive an edited video of their adventure in he sky

To purchase a voucher, please contact us

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 Flugsau Mounts & Accessories

Flusau is the leading, innovative, paragliding accessory design company based in Switzerland.

Supplying bags, mounts, harnesses and more, they are constantly updating and designing new equipment.  

For full list of Flugsau products, visit them at their website

Best Sellers

VARIIS - Carabiner Mount


With the stable and flexible VARIIS mount - varios, cameras, phones, tablet, etc. can be mounted directly to the carabiner.


Whilst the mount is designed for carabiners but also can be mounted to a strap/belt. The units can be mounted with Velcro or screw to the plate. The position of the device can be easily adjusted during flight.

GoPro Magnet Mount


New, improved, lighter and now ideal configurable for every application!

  • Set the camera angle without the use of a rigid tripod adapter.

  • Innovative and adjustable neoprene soft case compatible with all current Flugsau camera mounts (universal / strut / foot / magnetic)

  • Lighter and now ideal for the installation into the canopy (Paragliding / Speed ​​Glider)

  • Compatible with GoPro Hero - Hero 2, HD Hero3 models, Hero 4 Black (and silver & Hero 5 Black

Front Cover


The Universal Fitting Leg cover adds to your "sitting harness",the warmth and protection from the environment that a Pod harness does, without the added risks associated with flying a reclined pod.  


The front cover doesnt require any modification to your harness, simply clip it onto your carabiners and around side straps, and you are ready to fly.   

Manget mount Pro


The original mount just got better.....

Our well-proven Magnet Mound is now also available with the 360 Degrees Push To Turn Mount. It’s ideal for XC Pilots to mount off their Cockpits, and even their Pod Speed bag.   This mount is also suitable for attachment on solid objects like a car, a glass pane or anything else that you want to use as a stand.

Compatible with all available GoPro Models et al.

Net Weight Mount: 132g

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GoPro universal mount PRO


Flugsau's completely re-designed Univsersal Mount. Now available with the 360 Degrees Push To Turn Mount. Designed with ergonomics in mind, this new mount is unbeatable in terms of wearing comfort.


Constructed from the best, most robust materials such as automotive grade quality material used for the inner padding.

QUICKY - Speed Release System


QUICKY is a revolutionary high end separate speed system made in Austria.

Can be used in pairs as separate system for the accelerator or individually when attaching camera poles, etc.


  • easy handling

  • low weight

  • integrated swir

Weight: 14 g
Size: 13.5mm x 44mm
Release force: ca. 10 N


Custom Brakes

$139 per pair

The comfortable Brake from Flugsau.
Included Accessories:
- Rubber band to attach the free brakes
- snap-fasteners to attach the brakes to any risers

Choose your very own combination of  size, main, cushion and embroidery colors.

Tow Release Bridle


Designed and manufactured in the USA using the finest structural materials available, and sewn on a computerized pattern tacking machine designed to produce a consistently repeatable stitch pattern.


Each bridle is hand crafted to extremely high standards and with its patent speed system assist connecting system, is the leading tow bridle on the market.

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SUP'AIR Harnesses, Reserve Parachutes & Wings

Based in the French Flying Mecca of Annecy, SUP’AIR have been the leading Paraglider Harness Manufacturer since 1982.   Sky Out paragliding sells the full range of Sup Air Harnesses, paragliders and reserve parachutes.

To see the full list of SUP'AIR products, visit their website here

Best Sellers


Contact us for todays price


The ALTIRANDO 3 is our reversible of choice. From one generation to the next, it becomes safer and more comfortable.

  • A pre-inflated and efficient AirBag at takeoff before being inflated by the relative wind.

  • A new easier and safer parachute pocket with visual control of the safety locking mechanism.

  • A volume and design with a better aerodynamic profile, notably a more compact AirBag shape.

Sizes :  S / M / L / XL

Weight : 3750 g (Medium)

Acro 3

Contact us for todays price

Designed and used by the world’s best Acro pilots. This is the ultimate harness at the very top of the paragliding aerobatic scene!

  • 2 reserve parachute pockets among which, one will accept a large Rogallo type model as per example.

  • Designed with connection points able to adapt the “Quick Out” Biners.

  • Upright seating posture.



Sizes : S / M / L 

Weight : 6295 g (Medium Size)

Strike - Hike and Fly Pod Harness

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The STRIKE came out of our X-ALPS 2015 design. It is a harness fully dedicated to Hike & Fly competitions. Its great inboard comfort makes it much more versatile than its light weight would let one assume.

The STRIKE can be used without the mini-seat plate and without the removable pocket ( the size M weighs 2020 g). The easily removable BUMP’AIR can be carried separately or may not be used at all in flight. Without it the harness’s weight looses 560 gr. And drops to 1460 g.


Sizes : S / M / L 

Weight : 2140 g (Medium)

Radical 3

Contact for todays price


Particularly suited to mountain flying, it also intended to be used for tandem flying, ground handling, coastal ridge soaring, wherever lightness and ease allow the pilot to play freely.   

This is the third version of a leading lightweight harness design! Comfort and modularity are at the heart of this new development.

The Radical 3 has an improved structural frame incorporating a simple, removable dorsal storage pocket.

Possibility to thermal with – high passive safety – accepts an optional front mounted reserve parachute pocket – has reserve parachute bridles shoulder connections, and a removable reversible AirBag/Backpack



Sizes : S-M / L

Weight : 830 g (Medium)

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The LEAF LIGHT offers all the flight characteristics of the LEAF, ie a glider accessible to any pilot flying EN B. The light fabric makes inflation even easier, without any tendency to pull the pilot off its feet.  

Once in the air, the pilot will find the familiar comfort and gliding sensation of the original LEAF, with a slightly smoother feeling thanks to the light cloth.   This also results in less inertia on the wing and even more docile behaviour.

Excellent handling remains one of the glider’s hallmarks, high passive safety means the pilot can concentrate on his flight plan or simply have fun in the air.

Category : EN-B

Sizes : XS / S / M 

Colors : sunset / volcano / snow


Contact us for todays price

More flight hours, more kilometers, more fun… such is the program of the Taska, our EN C wing designed for cross-country pilots. After a lengthy development program in which our prototypes were tested on all terrains and in all conditions, the Taska offers a combination of in-flight comfort and performance on a par with the best.

Category : EN-C

Sizes : XS / S / M / L

Colors : Ocean / Ruby / Jungle

Delight 3 - XC POD

Contact us for todays price

Mid - Light cross-country harness for XC and comp flying. “Hammock” style harness with removable carbon mini seatplate enabling efficient piloting with good feedback.

  • Lightness and steering position

  • Carbon fiber footrest & seat plates available in 2 sizes 

  • High Quality Finishes


Size : S / M / L / XL

Weight : 3700 g in Medium size (harness, dorsal protection,
bump, carbon fiber plates, pod)

Sora Tandem - EN B

Contact us for todays price

Designed by professionals for professionals, our new SORA is the perfect tool to take tandem passengers up all day over a whole season.   In accordance with Sup’Air tradition, the choice of materials and construction methods ensures high durability and will guarantee many flying hours in total safety for the owner.

The wide certified weight range (from 120kg to 220kg) offers great versatility in all flight configurations whatever the conditions.

For optimal control, trimmers are fitted on a double strap and produce a softer sensationand to reduce the effort in pulling them down. They attach to the bottom of the riser with a magnet to stop them flapping in the wind.

The SORA is also fitted with brake tabs adjustable in height, so pilots of all sizes may fly it in total comfort.

Big ears stay in place thanks to a dedicated blocker, which is located facing the pilot for better control and safety. A new wingtip clean-up system will help remove stones and twigs from the glider more easily.

The positioning of rods reinforcing the profile has been especially designed in order to prevent friction on the upper surface thanks to a “buffer zone”, in order to prevent early ageing and guarantee high durability.


Size : 41 m²

Weight : 7500 g

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Syride Instruments


SYRIDE is a French company that designs and produces innovative flying instruments.

SYS'One V3


SYS'One is a helmet or riser mounted micro vario with sound and led. Small Light, powerful and practical.

Beautifully presented wrist, it was recently voted the world’s most sensitive and precise micro vario.
Essential for hiking or trips.

Function : Vario with sound and light

Size : 5.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.4cm

Weight : 19 gr including battery

Rising Threshold : from +0.1 m/s to +0.5m/s

Falling Threshold : from -0.5 m/s to -2.5m/s

Thermal Sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s

Volume : 3 levels plus 'OFF' position

Autonomy : 290h

Battery : Cell coin CR2450 included

Wrist Fixing : wrist velcro included

Helmet Fixing : stickable velcro included




SYS'GPS is an alti vario GPS with G-meter. At only 83 grams, it's the lightest alti-vario-GPS ever
Features Customizable screen, Online flightbook and Thermal-sniffer feature.

Perfect for fun flying.

Function : Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter

Size : 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm

Weight : 83 gr (including battery)

Rising threshold : from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s

Falling threshold : from -0.5 m/s to -5.5m/s

Thermal sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s

Height above ground : with topography

Backlit display : 100% customizable

Volume : 3 levels plus 'OFF' position

Autonomy : 40h

Memory : 75h of flight

Output files : IGC, GPX and KML

Online flightbook : included

Risers fixing : included

Cockpit fixing : with velcro (included)

USB cable : included



A new Alti-Vario-GPS flight computer with G-meter, designed for freeflight pilots using a touch-screen tablet with E-ink display. Features WiFi, Bluetooth, Touchscreen and real time weather.

Ideal for advanced and competition flying.

Function : Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter

Connectivity : WI-FI / Bluetooth / USB

Size : 11.2cm x 17cm x 1.5cm

Weight : <300gr

Headset jack : 3.5mm Stereo

Topography : Worldwide

Road map : Worldwide

Airspaces : Worldwide

Screen : 6" high contrast electronic ink 800x600 (e-ink)

Touch Screen : Yes with or without gloves

Volume : 4 levels & OFF position

Autonomy : Between 20 & 30h

Memory : 2000h flight (1pt/sec)

Waypoints : 25 000

Routes : 200 routes of 150 waypoints max

Output Files : IGC, GPX and KML

Online Flightbook : included

Cockpit Fixing : with velcro (included)

Thermal Sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s

Instant Vario : Yes via 3-Axis Accelerometer

Weather Station : Yes via configurable screen

SMS Warning : Yes 3 levels (via phone bluetooth)

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SYS'Alti V3


SYS'Alti V3 is an alti-vario with G-meter, ideal for beginners. One of the latest ultra-lightweight flight instruments from Syride, it has a high resolution pressure sensor and all the expected features of an altimeter-variometer, and at only 75 grams, it's the lightest alti-vario ever.

Function : Alti-Vario with G-force meter

Size : 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm

Weight : 75 gr (including battery)

Rising Threshold : from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s

Falling Threshold : from -0.5 m/s to -5.5m/s

Thermal Sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s

Backlit Display : 100% customizable

Volume : 3 levels plus 'OFF' position

Autonomy : >200h

Memory : 150h of flight

Online Flightbook : included

Risers Fixing : included

Cockpit Fixing : with velcro (included)

USB Cable : included

SYS'Nav V3


SYS'Nav V3 is an alti-vario-GPS flight instrument with G-meter. Lightweight, powerful, practical and affordable, it is a great option for cross country flying and can also be used for competitions

Function : Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter

Size : 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm

Weight : 90 gr (including battery)

Rising Threshold : from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s

Falling Threshold : from -0.5 m/s to -5.5m/s

Thermal Sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s

Height Above Ground : Worldwide

Backlit Display : 100% customizable

Volume : 3 levels plus 'OFF' position

Autonomy : 45h

Memory : 1500h of flight @ 1 point per second

Airspaces : Worldwide

Waypoints : 25 000

Routes : 150 routes of 150 points max

Output Files : IGC, GPX and KML

Online Flightbook : included

Risers Fixing : included

Cockpit Fixing : with velcro (included)

USB Cable : included

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777 Gliders

777 gliders.png

The Valic brothers are the founders, designers and test pilots behind this innovative brand. Be it your first soaring, hike and fly, low save back to cloud base, new XC route, personal best distance or winning a world cup competition. The list is just endless! We believe that every pilot knows this feeling, when you land and you are just amazed by, what you have seen or been trough. This was always our inspiration and drive. This is what we wish to Triple Seven pilots to experience. Follow the link to their website here: www.

Still Haven't found what you're looking for?

Just to remind you that we can deliver anything from 777 Gliders, Flugsau Products or Sup'Air Harnesses & Gliders ... just tell us the item description here and we'll come back to you with a delivery's as easy as that!

Queen 2 - EN C


The new Queen2 went through a total redesign compared to its successful predecessor, and was built with one very specific objective in mind; to be the highest-performing EN C wing on the market today!

But it wouldn’t be a Triple Seven design if it wasn’t also a true pleasure to fly, Triple Seven increased the number of cells, both to acquire a more sleek canopy shape and in order to build a more complex internal “space frame”. This new internal construction brings the torsion resistance of the wing to a level that makes it super solid above your head when needed. The new internal layout contributes significantly to the improved climbing ability, as well as the ability to convert bumps into energy during turbulent transitions.”

Catagory : EN-C

Sizes Available :  S / MS / ML / L

Colours Available : Green / Lilac / Yellow

Rook 2 EN B


The Triple Seven ROOK2 is a glider purpose-built for intermediate pilots dreaming of big cross-country adventures. The glider’s technical design is based on the experience and technology of competition wings, with great emphasis on ease of flight and on safety. Certified in the EN/LTF B class, this wing is more technologically advanced than most, and you can feel it from the moment you launch.


Category: EN B

Sizes Available: S / MS / ML / L

Colours Available: Lilac / Green / Blue 

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King - EN D


The King is an EN / LTF D wing designed for advanced, performance-oriented pilots. Its solid feel and safe behavior makes the King suitable for a wide range of performance pilots, but it is remains a classic D class wing.

The handling is precise and rather playful, yet when needed the brakes can be pulled right down to tighten up the curve. The traditional stability of Triple Seven wings is also found in the King; this brings a big safety margin for pilots in this class.

Category : EN-D

Sizes Available : S / M / L

Colours Available : Green /  Blue

Knight EN B


777 consider this new wing as the ideal “weekend warrior” tool; plenty of performance to allow such a pilot to reach their lofty flying goals, but not so twitchy as to put them off trying.

The design brief for the Knight; to build a wing which is suitable for just about everyone who loves paragliding, but who doesn’t want too much mental workload during their thermal- and XC flights.


Category: EN B 

Sizes Available: S / MS / ML / L

Colours Available: Orange/Blue/White or Blue/Green/White or Yellow/Blue/White

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